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The Tonic Communications


The Tonic Communications is a national communications agency with specialist expertise in social media customer care.

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By understanding the intricacies of the customer service landscape, The Tonic Communications uses its industry knowledge and first-hand experience, to nurture positive relationships between a brand and its customers

Did you know?

       93% of millennials read reviews before buying

       65% of consumers feel social media is a better method of communication than trying to get through to a call centre

       72% of consumers who use social media to ask a question/leave a complaint expect a response within an hour

       38% of consumers felt negatively towards a brand they have interacted with on social media, if the brand did not respond in a timely manner

       60% of consumers whose complaints were not addressed on social media, did not call the brand.

Its dedicated social media support team can work as an extension of an existing customer service or marketing team, to manage customer enquiries received via social media, taking negative comments offline quickly and managing them through to resolution, or following a pre-agreed escalation procedure.

The Tonic has developed its tailored offering after managing social media customer service, including Trustpilot, for a major UK retailer. Delivering over 70 hours of consultancy per week, the Tonic team achieved an average response time of less than 30 minutes. Over four months negative posts decreased from 81% of posts to 50%, with positive comments increasing from just 8% share to 28%.

Its in-house tracking system allows transparency between The Tonic and its clients, meaning it can easily provide sophisticated in-depth analytics and learnings.