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Infigo Software creates easy-to-use & integrate web-to-print e-commerce software solutions  for businesses in the printing, packaging, labelling, retail and property industries as well as energy suppliers, local councils, photographers, creative agencies, start-ups and established global brands.

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Since launching in 2010, our growth has been rapid. We now have 3 offices -  in the UK, Eastern Europe & the U.S. – and  are widely recognised as a distinctive global player.  We are also the proud winners of the prestigious Graph Expo Must See Ems 2016.

Our aim is to strengthen our clients’ businesses by improving web-to-print workflow efficiency, enabling new revenue opportunities, and offering competitive advantage. We deliver elevated levels of brand engagement through the personalisation and mass customisation that our web-to-print software packages offer:

·        Catfish

·        MegaEdit Pro

·        MegaEdit Photo

·        Symphony

·        Infigo Designer

·        Catfish Hybrid Mail

Plus, with the acquisition of digital marketing company, Netkandi Limited, in 2016, we now offer a suite of digital marketing services to ensure the success of our clients’ products and services. We offer the complete web-to-print e-commerce solution that has unrivalled functionality, and seamlessly integrates into your existing CRM, MIS and CMS systems. In addition, our in-house digital marketing team can deliver innovative digital marketing strategies to help your business thrive. With our software & marketing services, we are excellently positioned to help ensure your business maximises ROI and growth in your sector.

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