Make your reviews part of your customer conversations and keep everything in one place with Gnatta.

Manage Reviews in Gnatta

Through Gnatta you can see all reviews both new and old, in our system alongside your other customer channels. By displaying reviews as part of the whole customer conversation, the greater insight for your operators can increase the rate of negative review turnaround and even increase proactive positive reviews. Review turnaround is made easier by our linking channels together, meaning when you follow up a review with an email or other form of message Gnatta will automatically associate the two in a single conversation.

Using Gnatta, we've helped clients to

  • Turnaround over 25% of your most negative reviews
  • Save an average of 8% of contact volume by linking Trustpilot to other channels
  • Improve your TrustScore
  • What is Gnatta?

    We believe in communication. Despite living in a connected world, the constant growth in contact channels and increasingly disparate systems storing key information, conversations between organisations and consumers are becoming more and more difficult to maintina. We bring things together to ensure everyone speaks to the right person, with the right information, at the right time.

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