Turn your customer reviews into a success, completely automated with this Trustpilot Connector App.

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Why Trustpilot connector?

Customers love to be convinced by other customers, especially when it comes to webshop-reviews. Trustpilot receives more than 500,00 customer reviews a month for webshops world-wide.

With the Trustpilot-application made by DotCommerce you'll invite your clientele to write a review of your webshop and rate it (rating between one and five stars). Reviews will not only increase conversion, but they will also raise a feeling of trust.

Benefits of app:

·         Connect TrustPilot to your SEOshop online store

·         Automatically invite customers to rate and review your webstore;

·         Turn positive feedback into a higher conversion-rating and watch your webstore reputation grow

How does it work?

After installing the application you'll have direct access to DotCommerce's backoffice. The Trustpilot-application will be your personal assistant when it comes to customer reviews, once you've connected the application to your webshop the application will take care of the rest. The preferred language and the frequency of messages can be configured in the app framework of DotCommerce

About us

DotCommerce is an IT company base in Breda (The Netherlands). We are THE partner if it comes down to custom functionality, for both back- and front-end. We like to share some of the amazing stuff we’ve done for our customers with other shop owners on the SEOshop platform as well, which is why we started offering apps.

Extra information

Product reviews are not yet supported. Expected to launch at Q1 2016. Import note: This app connects TrustPilot to SEOshop. You also need a TrustPilot acocunt.

Support and extra information

Questions, new ideas or feedback? Contact us via